Thursday, June 8, 2017

Giants and The Riptide!

Baseball/Softball spring season 2017 was underway! This year the league decided to offer softball and after playing with the boys for several seasons, and with Hannah's broken wrist last season, we decided it was time for her to move onto softball. And we were SO glad we did!! Jeremy decided to head coach, which was fun to watch. Since softball was new to the league, we only had two teams in our 8U division, we had lots of ups and downs playing some older teams in different leagues but overall, it was good for us and the girls came a LONG way! Especially Hannah, watching her was a blast!
One of the grandpa's of her teammates takes incredible pictures during the games, we are SO lucky! I have lots of fun video too!!

 Opening day! We got lucky with some great families and coaches.
 We were surprised with different uniforms than we picked but they turned out cute! I mean, I think Jeremy secretly liked the purple camo :)

 Loved watching her in something new! Her favorite part might have been the cheers ;)

 She started as one of the stronger pitchers, and then by the end, (not to brag too much ha ha) but she was by far the best pitcher and easily competed with 10 year olds. Mid season she changed her wind up and blew me away with her speed! She would have 3-6 strikeouts a game (only pitching 1 or 2 innings) and that girl can throw the ball HARD.

 If she wasn't pitching she was usually at second, short or third, she has a strong arm.
 One of the highlights of the season was in one of the last games she hit a grand slam!! She batted fourth, bases were loaded, and she smacked one hard into the outfield! I was screaming like a crazy lady we were so happy for her! I also promised her $10 if she ever hit a homerun and she came right out of the dug out and reminded me! She got the game ball that night!

 This picture of her pitching is my favorite by far. I LOVE it. She looks so serious. She took it pretty serious too, she practiced every single day and would get bummed when she didn't get to pitch. If she sticks with it, she'll be amazing.

She also got a SECOND home run in one of the last games, I have video of it, but Ill spare you cause I was screaming like a crazy lady. She didn't forget another $10!

 Owen had a great season too! He played on the Giants again, this time it was rookie baseball, coach pitch, he hit really good and was a pretty good first base man! Compared to some of the kids he took it pretty seriously!

 Being a parent is HARD but watching your kids play sports whether they are good or bad, watching them practice, get better, and just enjoy it, is one of the BEST feelings ever.

 He was always SO dirty. Games Friday and Saturdays meant I was soaking and washing pants I said, he's always the dirtiest kid ha ha

He enjoyed catching too!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Owen's Golf Birthday party!

 My sweet boy, since he was little when we moved here, we never had an official birthday party for him, so it was time! We tossed around the idea of a park party but then Jeremy had the best idea! We could do it at Angel Park and all the kids could play golf on the putting course. It was such a great idea! He was very excited and he had lots of kids ready to come golf with him!
 Jeremy arranged for the ice cream machine so the kids could make sundaes, we had ordered some food, and we were even able to do a piƱata (which kind of turned into a mosh pit with 19 kids!)

 Love that sweet kid

 Unknowingly, I bought him trick candles... it was funny until ALL the kids blew on the cake...

 I love this picture, we've made some great friends here and I was so happy Owen finally got the celebration he deserved!
 It actually RAINED that day. I was SO bummed, I mean, what on earth do you do with 19 kids in a small room when you promised them golf?! But by the grace of God, the sun came out and it was GORGEOUS!
I can't believe Jeremy was brave enough to let that many kids on his course! It was a great time!

Owen turns 5!

Oh Owen, how are you FIVE?! We moved here when you were 10 months, its unreal to think you turned 5. You have changed and grown and just continue to amaze me every single day. I will miss you so much while you are in school, I love all the funny things you say all day, the questions you ask, your help with Beau, having lunch with you, Im going to miss you! You are an absolute joy. My easiest child by far. You LOVE to play. Thats all you want to do, you'll play with ANYONE. Any kid, no matter the age, you will seriously make friends with anyone and I love that about you. You LIVE to play baseball with the big boys. Your happy place is at the baseball field. And you are truly the DIRTIEST kid there. During baseball season you are always coated in a red dusting from the field, we have to carry you straight up to the bath. And I LOVE that about you. If you aren't playing, you would sit on your iPad all day long....kindergarten will be good for you ha ha. You make us so proud and we know you will be an athlete one day, you are a natural. I am so proud to be your mom. You are funny, fun, loving and just want to have a good time....I wish I was more like YOU sweet boy!!!

 Last night of 4!

 Birthday morning we went for donuts before school!
 Brought cupcakes to your class and they sang to you!
 We celebrated your birthday we some presents, dinner out and then ended at Hannahs softball game, I don't think anywhere else would've made you happier!

 You love baseball! But you always say you want to play ice hockey, maybe one day!

 Spraying your sister at her field day, pay back!

 You are SO fun!
 First day and last day!

He wants to be a fire fighter when he grows up!

 You graduated preschool...kindergarten here you come!
You are such a joy!! I LOVE everything about you sweet boy!!