Sunday, March 19, 2017

5 months!

This sweet, sweet baby is 5 months. Its flying by so fast, I know in no time he will be running around crazy, getting into everything and I'll never sit down again ha ha ha
He is already so busy. He flies around in the walker (He LOVES that thing), he reaches for everything, pulls on everything, rolls like crazy, and is almost to his knees in the crawling position. SLOW down sweet baby. I am not ready for a crawler. When he gets near cords and outlets he pulls on everything. Its time to baby proof! We had a tablecloth to protect our table from kids lol and Beau found out if he pulled it, then everything falls off! So, there goes the tablecloth, plan b!
 He LOVES his fingers. He isn't exactly "sucking" his fingers, I think it has to do with teething but sometimes I catching him going to town on those fingers or thumb!

 Those lips!
 This was too cute, they are twins.
 Hannah had a sick day a few weeks ago with a 102.5 fever so we had a movie day, her and Beau enjoyed some rest time!
He LOVES this thing!

We went for his 4 month appointment, and he didn't lose weight but he went from 89% to 53% in weight, but still 89% for length. So we just monitored his eating, making sure he is getting enough and at 5 months, I dropped in for a weight check and he gained almost TWO pounds! 17.7! I was very relieved. I was afraid he wasn't getting enough, but turns out he sure is :)
 Owen felt Beau needed sunglasses, I think he looks like Baby Carlos from the Hangover movie lol
 Such a sweet boy
 Owen took some pictures, he said I want to take a picture of Beau's chubby hands :)

 Beau swaddled in the Rock N Play. When he opens his eyes, the first thing he does is give me a huge grin!

 This about had us in tears, Hannah was bored (surprise!) and she made Beau a mustache. And a ponytail, but I didnt get a picture of that. Poor guy!

The fun teething stage has begun. I don't see anything, but he is a lot fussier and sucking on that lip. He does like chewing on a frozen toy and Im trying oils to see if that helps, to avoid a bunch of tylenol. He hasn't been sleeping great, and Im thinking this is part of the reason.

 He doesn't have those rolly arms like Hannah, but those legs!!

 Trip to the park!

 They LOVE him. He looks a tad scared!

He is SUCH a happy baby. He wakes up smiling and laughs and smiles all day. He is not the best napper, he cat naps all day but by 6:45 at night, he is ready to be swaddled and go to bed. We are in a transition with the way he sleeps and I just can't nail down what works. He is pretty much too big for his Rock N Play, he needs to be swaddled but gets pretty hot (its been 80 here and it gets hot upstairs!) So Ive come up with a way to just wrap his arms and leave his legs out. I brought the pack n play in so I could lay him down but he doesn't like that much either. Maybe its the teeth, hopefully we'll figure it out soon...Im tired!

 This is how we swaddle now, with his legs out. But he gets his hands up there too. Stinker!
 Its going to be a hot summer, he'll be living in a diaper or onesie!
 Still loves daddy's arm!

The kids are still obsessed and love "juicy Beau" as they call him. He is the perfect addition to our family. In the past couple months he had his first trip to California and Disneyland! That will be another post.

He is in size 3 diapers, 9-12  month clothes, rolling, laughing, almost to his knees to crawl, sits great in the bumbo, would rather be propped up than laying flat, doesn't love being in his carseat in the car as much anymore but thats about the only place he naps. The walker is is favorite, he is almost ready for the jumpy, and loves to chew on Owen's red power ranger :) He is not a fan of the water. We have to change that. There will be lots of pool and beach time this summer.

He is so darn cute, we say it hundreds of times a day. And Hannah and I kiss this baby all day long. We are thankful he is ours! Those blue eyes and chubby legs get me everytime!! I am already making piles of clothes he has grown out of, makes me so sad!

Beau you are amazing, worth every tired minute :))

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