Sunday, April 30, 2017

Easter 2017

We had a very nice Easter weekend, it was busy and we had a lot of fun! It was at the end of the kids spring break, which was also a nice week! We didnt have a lot planned but it was so nice not have to do carpool, lunches, homework, I enjoyed the break and the kids did too!

Friday morning, Hannah had a softball camp, she was pretty excited! This girl LOVES softball, I love watching her. I hope she continues to play, she does have the talent. We met Jeremy for lunch and that night enjoyed our new backyard and played outside.

 Hannah decorated Beau with her horse camp bandana! He was happy about it.

Saturday morning Hannah had day two of of softball camp and we also had an Easter brunch/egg hunt with neighbors. They were so sweet to wait for Hannah to get back. There were tons of eggs and the kids had a blast!

After they played & hunted, I needed to run to the store for more Easter things (on top of everything lately!) and the kids played in the street for Three more hours. These kids can play CONSTANTLY. I am so thankful we have great kids on the street, I love that they get to play out there. There is nothing better than the kids running, wearing themselves out, and just getting to sit in the street with friends!

Later that night we went to a drive in movie with some friends. It was the kids first drive in, they loved it. We saw Boss Baby, which Im not really sure what that was about ha ha they loved hanging in the back of the truck!
 Owen fell asleep on the way home, they were both exhausted. But they were also very excited about the Easter Bunny coming!

Hannah was up super early, as usual, and couldn't wait to get downstairs. Its was like Christmas, poor Owen got woken up.

 Beau's first Easter basket, loved these baskets I found for the boys. Hannah, being the first child has hers monogrammed from Pottery Barn :)

 These pictures aren't great, the sun was shining right towards me and the kids wouldn't sit still ha ha
 Owen got chargers in his basket, funniest thing about Owen...he is OBSESSED with what percent his iPad is on. So he will freak out if its not at 100% and will yell for a charger. He'll be like, mommy, my iPad is only at 19 (but he says it like "one nine") I need a charger!! So my mom got him 3 new chargers. He was so happy lol

 Best we could get Easter morning!
 He really wanted goggles ha ha
 We opened baskets, grabbed breakfast, and decided to go to a 51's baseball game, Im so glad we went it was alot of fun! The kids brought their gloves just in case! Jeremy knew one of the guys who runs the maintenance crew and he came to see us and gave the kids baseballs the team had used. They were excited!

 We had seats right behind home plate but it was pretty warm in the sun and Beau was kind hot and sweaty so we moved to shade. That was much more enjoyable!
 Treats galore, when you are at a game for 3 hours the kids will talk you into all kinds of snacks!

 After the game they let the kids run the bases, it was so cute!

 And he's OUT! He was exhausted from a long, fun weekend! (this was when we got home and I unbuckled his seat then took a pic ;)

 A few days before Easter, Hannah had a lot of questions about the Easter bunny. She asked me if he was real and I just told her he was and why wouldn't he be? (Hoping she'd forget about it) She's like, "a big bunny?" I could tell she wasn't buying it. So the next morning, I open safari on my phone and I find, "Is the Easter Bunny real" searched in Google. ha ha ha
Then on Easter she was REALLY bummed she didn't wake up to eggs all over the backyard and believed he didn't come. So after the game, Jeremy took the kids to the park so I could hide eggs in the backyard, she was so excited "he came".
The next morning I was in the backyard and she said, "mommy, did you hide all the eggs? Tell me the truth." I said, do you really want the truth, (I do believe that when they ask & want the truth we should tell them) So I told her I did. She was like, I knew it! She was kinda bummed but she is getting to that age. But she hasn't asked about Santa and the tooth fairy, maybe she believes if she knows, they won't come :)
 So they searched for eggs in the backyard, and had a blast! It was a great day, great weekend. I love fun, busy weekends like that!

2 of my sweet boys snoozing!!

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